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A shout-out to our members in the Commissioned Rehabilitation Services

Most members will or may know, but also for new members, if you have not been made aware or know about it yet, the disastrous results of the 2014 part-privatisation (known as ‘Transforming Rehabilitation or TR) were overturned in 2021. Most of our members who were privatised then and were working in what were called Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) transferred back in 2021 to the Probation Service as it is called now (then National Probation Service). But in that transfer back in, some of our members, due to their roles, were assigned to what are now called the Commissioned Rehabilitation Services (CRSs).

Most of these Services did not carry over the trade union recognition we had with the CRCs and the Probation Service. This means that we can no longer at this stage negotiate with these organisations over pay and other terms & conditions. But, we can, and we will, continue to support any of our members in the CRSs in any individual representations (ie formal procedures such as absence management, grievances and disciplinaries) if that is necessary and give any advice that may be needed.

We are extremely grateful to those members who have continued to stay with Napo through all these changes. If you are a member in any of the CRSs, do talk to colleagues who may not yet be in a trade union and say that we can help. You can find any information here (a small leaflet to print off and hand out) at

Any member is important and can play an equal role in our union. Everyone can get involved at a local level or in any of our national committees and networks and do come along to our national AGM which this year is taking place 19-21 October in Nottingham (in person and virtual) – details can be found here at and registrations will open early June.

If you are not sure who to contact locally to get involved or for advice, just email to find out who your National Link Official and Officer are for any assistance or they will be able to put you in touch with your local Branch Officers.


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