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Amy Rees grilled on OneHMPPS

Napo's fight against the OneHMPPS programme was boosted last week when CEO Amy Rees faced a grilling by the Justice Committee.

Napo’s fight against the OneHMPPS programme was boosted last week when CEO Amy Rees was grilled by the Justice Committee.

Rachel Hopkins MP raised concerns about the implementation of the OneHMPPS programme including workloads, training, probation’s identity and the reason for its implementation.

When the MP asked about the purpose and cost of the programme, Amy Rees, HMPPS CEO, claimed it’s both to “right-size headquarters”, saving £37m, and to create 7 new “regional leads” to oversee probation and prisons, insisting: “We are not making probation officers into prison officers!”

Warned that “probation is significantly understaffed”, Rees was asked how OneHMPPS will help with workloads. The CEO insisted she’s “absolutely investing in staffing” but admits there’s a “challenging balance of experience and inexperience because of all that recruitment”.

Asked if training new staff is “taking time away from experienced staff”, Amy Rees admitted “it does take time from more experienced probation officers to help their colleagues, which is one of the reasons why we have had a profile of how we have recruited”

Touching on the maintaining the professional identity of probation staff, Rachel Hopkins MP asked: “Do you understand why Napo and its members are worried about the retention of their professional identity?” asked Rachel Hopkins. “I totally understand the question” said Rees, adding: “My candid view is that it is the opposite. We would like probation to take a lead.”

Highlighting “established collective bargaining arrangements for the probation profession”, the MP asked: “Can you give some assurances that that new regional model will not undermine that?” Rees insisted: “There is no change to collective bargaining arrangements.”

Watch the session in full here


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