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Anti-Strike Bill protest heading to Westminster

The TUC have organised an emergency protest which will take place in Westminster at 6pm on Monday evening, 22 May as part of its campaign to overturn the "Strikes Bill". Napo is calling on members to join us and other trade unionist who will be protesting in solidarity with the campaign.

The right of a worker to withdraw their labour has been enshrined in British history for over a hundred years. These last few months have seen a wave of industrial action from many trade unions representing Railway and Transport Workers, Civil Servants, Nurses, Doctors and Teachers among others, who as a last resort, have withdrawn their labour over a sustained period. Some unions such as the RCN have taken strike action for the first time in their history.

Traditionally, Governments and employers have relied on a combination of public revulsion and the hardship of those in struggle to see an end to some disputes, while some result in negotiated settlements. What is remarkable and also significantly different from the major strikes that took place in the 1970’s and 80’s, is that the Government rhetoric has failed to attract opposition to the action from the wider public, many of whom are not themselves in a trade union yet fully identify with the campaigns as they struggle to make ends meet in the midst of an economic crisis that has been brought about by this Government’s disastrous mismanagement.

The reaction from the Government to this wave of unrest is however much the same as we have seen from the Tories over the last 100 years; as they seek to pit worker against worker and find other issues such as immigration to stoke up racism and hatred against people fleeing persecution instead of trying to find humane solutions along with our European partners to process applications.

It’s clear that the wave of strike action has caused serious concern to this Government who, instead of directly negotiating or giving authority to employers to do so, have now turned to legislation to prevent or seriously curtail strike action in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the failure of their economic policies.

How you can support this campaign

We need as many members as possible to take a stand on Monday. Napo members’ meet-up point will be at Portcullis House, Embankment side of Westminster Tube station from 5.30pm. Let Annoesjka know you are coming at

Please spread the word about Monday. You can also visit the the campaign website  containing all of the details of the protest as the TUC confirms them.

We are also urging all Napo members to make your personal opposition clear as constituents with your local MP and stand together with fellow trade unionists to make it clear that this pernicious legislation has no place in a civilised society.

Napo HQ will be joining the call for MPs to vote to uphold the four Lords amendments, that they vote to reject the whole Bill, and that they pledge to repeal the Bill if it passes should the Labour Party form the next government.


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