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Cafcass make Pay Offer for 2023/2024

Cafcass senior management met with the Cafcass Unions yesterday to present their pay offer following authorisation from the MoJ/Treasury.

Cafcass senior management met with the Cafcass Unions yesterday to present their pay offer following authorisation from the MoJ/Treasury.

There’ll be no surprise to members that the pay offer is within the civil service pay guidance and the figure for Cafcass staff is a 4% consolidated increase for everyone from April 2023 to April 2024. The 4% increase will also be applied to staff in receipt of the London Weighting Allowance and business expenses and mileage rates will be maintained or uplifted in line with specified HMRC rates.

Management also pointed out that this year Cafcass staff have had the £1500 non-consolidated payment which they say, equates to for example: an FCA on Target Salary Band 7 is an additional 7.4% pay rise when compared to 2022-23 and for those on lower pay bands the increase is for example a Business Services Officer on Target Salary for Band 2 will have received approximately an additional 10.5% in total earnings for this year.

Both Napo and UNISON will hold meetings of our negotiating committees early next week to determine next steps and a timetable for consulting members on the offer. A provisional timetable is below, so look out for more communications.

Provisional timeline for consultation with members

The unions have looked at the potential timeline for consulting with our members and this is mapped out below. *

Week commencing: Monday 18th September – Union committees convene to consider the offer.

Thursday 21st September – Unions issue consultation ballots to members.

Monday 25th September joint trade union all members meetings 12:30 and 5:00pm

Expected balloting period Thursday 21st September to Thursday 12th October

Meeting between Union Pay Teams and Senior Management, Week commencing 16th October

*All dates to be confirmed

All meetings will be held via Teams and the joining details will be sent to members shortly.

Have you updated your contact details ?

Whilst final details of the indicative ballot arrangements will follow, it’s important that members who may have recently changed their address or preferred e-mail contact notify your unions membership sections. Napo members should contact:, and Unison members should contact

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  1. Yet again, a paltry offer that we will have to accept. Nothing changes, unions have very little effect and haven’t had since I started at Cafcass over 7 years ago. Year on year, poor offers and some with no increase at all. It is just shocking. I am having to defer my pension because I need the extra money now and I am looking for work in the local authorities – which I don’t want to do, but they pay more 🙁

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