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Longford Trust Scholarship Applications Open

At our recent AGM in Eastbourne some of you will have met representatives of the Longford Trust, which offers scholarships to go to university to soon-to-be-released prisoners and those who have been released within the past five years.

The scholarship consists of financial support (grants not loans), one-to-one mentoring, and an employability programme that helps convert a degree into a degree level career.

Of the 500 young men and women they have worked with in recent years, 83% have graduated and got good jobs, with just 5% returning to prison.

Closing date for applications for their scholarships the 2023-24 academic year is June 2, 2023. Attached are a brief leaflet on the Longford Scholarships, their application form, and (for a broader view) their annual report. Applications can also be made online at their website ( or by contacting their scholarship manager, Clare Lewis, at


Longford Scholarships leaflet

Longford Trust Annual Report 2021.

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