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Napo briefs members on TOMs and Next Generation

Napo held a series of online briefings with members yesterday to outline our policy regarding TOMs and Next Generation programmes.

Napo held a series of online briefings with members yesterday to outline our policy regarding TOMs and Next Generation programmes.

The meetings – hosted by National Official Tania Bassett and National Chair Carole Doherty – were well attended by a cross section of members that will be affected by the changes. Please note there will be a further all programmes members briefing on 30th January at 1pm.

This was the perfect opportunity for Napo members to express their thoughts and concerns on the two work streams and to hear directly from Napo HQ about the work that has been undertaken so far and any imminent action we intend to take on our members’ behalf.

As such Ian Lawrence was on hand to give a clearer picture of the current landscape.

Ian said: “Napo will make every effort to engage with senior management as we have been doing, but when we reached a crisis point before Christmas there was every possibility of us having to launch a Trade Dispute via the Probation JNC . We were able to row back on that because of the promises made then about pausing the programme and improving the engagement with the trade unions.

“We stated that these talks must deliver a fundamental change of direction in terms of ensuring that new job descriptions for those delivering and managing programmes and interventions properly reflect the responsibilities of individuals undertaking this work.

“That the discussions must acknowledge that its practitioners and managers whose views must be taken into account when consideration is being given to programme design, and the crucial issue of public safety across our communities which, as we have seen all too often, is not being given the priority it deserves by this current government.”

Members were informed that despite every effort by Napo to engage constructively it is clear that the main driver for the Next Generation programmes is cost savings, de-professionalising this important work and, our greatest fear, that it could ultimately leave it open for outsourcing.

The employer seems intent to press ahead with this work being encompassed into the Prison-Centric ‘One HMPPS’ project.

In light of that, the unions will be meeting next week to revisit our collective position on registering a trade dispute and seeking a mandate from our members for a potential programme for Industrial Action.

This will be a difficult campaign (and will be one that we will also be taking to Parliament) which must be driven by our members working across these areas.

We will issue more news as soon as we can following the meeting with UNISON and GMB next week, but meanwhile thanks for the opportunity to join you at today’s event.

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