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Napo demands probation pay rise

Napo and other probation unions are finalising a joint pay claim which will form the basis for pay talks with probation employers.

The Probation Trade Unions are close to finalising the joint pay claim which, once it has been approved by Napo’s Probation Negotiating Committee, will form the basis for the pay negotiations which are due to start later this month.

It is important to build on the momentum generated by the previous two all member webinars that took place in February and March, and more news will follow for members on how you can help further in this respect.

Meanwhile, please make a note in your diary for the Lunchtime of Friday 13th May where we plan to conduct another all members event to promote our campaign.

Another key date to note is the TUC Cost of Living National Rally to be held on June 18th. Click here for more info.


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  1. I cannot remember when subsistence and travel allowances were reviewed and I have been in a high travel role for eight years now.

    I know there are a lot of members for whom overnight travel is frequent. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find somewhere decent and safe to stay, especially since the energy crisis began, and the subsistence allowances are now wholly inadequate meaning members are often left out-of-pocket. For those who choose to use their own cars for work purposes, the rates are way short of what they should be (personally, I have refused to use my own car since the essential car users allowance was taken away).

    I hope a review of allowances is part of the joint pay claim or being discussed elsewhere. Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. The cost of living is increasing well beyond our wages.

    I am poorer now than I was 10 years ago.

    I lost a member of staff recently to a job as a waitress, as she would earn A LOT more money! Why an earth would staff stay in a high stressed job, when the pay does not reflect the work we undertake. The thing that is also really frustrates is how The Probation Service significantly under spent last year and did not think to distribute a part of that under spend amongst the remaining staff that have been holding the service together (at a cost to their own well being and work-life balance) as we have carried 20% of un-recruited jobs.

    Why also do The Probation Service not give staff a cost of living weighting in accordance with where they live (Essex, Cambridge and Hertfordshire) is extremely expensive to live in and yet the pay is the same as places that are significantly cheaper to reside in.

    The Probation Staff claim to want to address their retention and recruitment issues: PAY STAFF PROPERLY and if we are Civil Servants, give us the same benefits of a Civil Servant! Don’t expect us to sign up to the Civil Service Code when you have not actually given us the same benefits as ‘real’ Civil Servants. Once again we are treated like second class citizens.

    I know staff are having to work two jobs, I myself am having to take on sessional work, just to try and make ends meet! When will The Probation Service pay us properly??? What is the point of having two degrees and training for the PO qualification, if our pay does not reflect our skills and level of hard work?

  3. Please inform me of the details of the pay rise you are looking to negotiate at the earliest opportunity

  4. Probation pay has fallen drastically in real terms over the past 15 +years. I reached the top of band 4 in around 2007/8, and was getting 36k. My pay is less than a 1000 more than it was over 10 years ago!! No wonder staff are not being retained after training, they look for more lucrative jobs, both financially and psychologically. the latter away from micro management and prescriptive ways of working

  5. Ex CRC receptionists are on Band 2 and NPS still on Band 1 both are doing the same work but different pay. NPS who are acting up to Band 2 for limited time this should nit happen as Band 1 does not exists. If they are needed it should be a permanent move not a temporary one.

  6. I have worked as a supervisor for over thirty years and I have never felt so undervalued in all the years I have worked for the organisation
    Management’s expecting that you are to engage in work that us not in our job distriptions.
    Staff are frightened of being disciplined if they do not comply
    I say we work to rule until we are finally apprecisted

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