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Napo’s PNC agrees to serve notice of pre-dispute

Napo's PNC has agreed to serve notice of pre-dispute following the Secretary of State's refusal to re-open pay talks.
  • Napo’s PNC met this week and agreed a series of recommendations which included serving notice of a pre-dispute following the Secretary of  State’s refusal re-open pay talks.

  • A meeting is planned next week with the Under-Secretary of State to address the concerns of the probation unions.

  • If Government refuse to take action on the workload and staffing crisis, members will be consulted on how the dispute should be progressed.

Following a meeting of Napo’s Probation Negotiating Committee prior to the NEC, the PNC agreed a series of recommendations from the General Secretary following the refusal by the Secretary of State to authorise the re-opening of pay talks to explore the possibilities for an emergency financial relief package for the probation workforce.

One of these recommendations was for the Probation Unions to serve notice of a Pre-Dispute position (as required under the procedures) on the above issue, which was verbally communicated to Senior Probation Management at yesterday’s Probation Service Joint National Council meeting chaired by the Chief Probation Officer.

Next Steps

The unions have a meeting next week with the Under-Secretary of State Edward Argar, where we will again seek to raise the arguments in support of our claims and for his Government to listen to the experiences of our members and not the same mantra trotted out by his colleagues in Parliament that everything on the Probation Service front is rosy. See the following exchanges that have taken place this week in the House which amplify the situation. 

We will as always do our best to try and find a way through, and continue our dialogue with senior probation management on  a number of fronts,  but it seems almost certain that we will shortly be in National Dispute territory. We believe that if we are unable to persuade Government to take action to stem the workload and staffing crisis, then it’s inevitable that we will need to consult further with our members as to how we should progress this dispute.

More news on this issue will follow as soon as possible.

One Response


    Sign the petition. Share it. Get the signatures so it gets to Parliament. Petition link above. Petition details below.

    Petition details:
    Recruit more probation officers, increase funding and review working conditions.
    The Government must recruit more probation officers, increase funding for probation services and conduct an urgent review into working conditions for staff. We believe the Probation Service is critically past its maximum capacity to manage dangerous offenders and staff are burned out.

    More details:
    We are concerned that health and safety risks to officers, some holding caseloads close to 200%, are being ignored. With many leaving, or on long term sickness, we believe a rise in serious further offences is inevitable. The Government must act to improve the work-life balance of staff without further detrimental impact to staff health and well-being, and the impact on their families. Probation work needs to be condensed into a more manageable, effective framework to lessen the burden on staff.

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