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On the Road with Napo Roadshow

In the New Year Napo will be embarking on a series of roadshows to help educate and encourage members to become active anti-racists in their workplaces and communities.

Racism is real, it exists in society, in our workplaces and unfortunately (as much as we would like it to be otherwise) within our union. Racism cannot be seen as a problem that is too big to tackle or too sensitive to discuss. If we are to help reshape people’s views, we must have an open dialogue about it with members.

The Napo anti-racist roadshows will help start the discussion locally and explore what racism and anti-racism are, what it means to be anti-racist and how to take action to make sure that we make change happen.

Regional Napo anti-racism roadshows 2022

North East – 18th January
North West & Greater Manchester – 1st February
Yorkshire and Humber – 15th February
Wales – 1st March
West Midlands – 15th March
East Midlands – 29th March
London – 10th May
Kent Surrey Sussex – 24th May
South West – 7th June
South Central – 21st June

For more details on the roadshows, please email

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