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Sky – lifting the clouds over Prison Early Release scheme

Sky News has reported on the indefinite extension of the government's scheme to release prisoners early to ease over crowing.

Napo has been engaged in discussions with senior Probation and HMPPS management for some months on a range of initiatives designed to reduce Prison overcrowding.

Our standing policy is that there are too many people in Prison (and especially Women Prisoners) serving short term sentences that do next to nothing in terms of rehabilitation and preventing the possibility of recidivism.

Above all, Napo totally understands the need for such schemes to command the confidence of the public in relation to public safety, but the current workload crisis in Probation means additional pressures for our members who are already struggling to carry out their normal duties.

Napo were contacted by Sky News last week who had received anonymous material from a source in Prisons in relation to the Early Consideration of Supervised Licence Scheme (ECSL). General Secretary Ian Lawrence was interviewed as part of the Sunday feature which exposed the concerns generated by ECSL and highlighted the overcrowding chaos in UK prisons. The issue was also raised directly with senior representatives from the Labour and Conservative parties.

You can see clips from the television coverage below and read the article in full here.


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