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TUC Burnout Prevention Webinar

The TUC recently held a Webinar that dealt with the issues of being an activist and the steps you can take to prevent burnout.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) recently held a Webinar that dealt with the issues of being a rep / activist and what it may mean for you and dealing with union case work which may be very trying on top of the daily work you are doing. It may also be helpful overall with some useful tools included.

If you are thinking of doing more for Napo and would like to become an office activist (maintaining an office notice board or just a point of contact for staff/members) or would like to become a rep please contact Annoesjka Valent at to find out more about any courses and support that is available for you.

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Survey and contact details

  • Please fill in this short survey by speaker Miriam Fine to join her mailing list and to find out how Miriam can further support your teams around activist burnout issues
  • Miriam’s contact details, blog and social media links:

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