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VLO and Interventions Updates and a request

The VLO job descriptions are now (finally) with the trade unions for consultation. All those who attended the workshops will also have a copy of the document

The VLO job descriptions are now (finally) with the trade unions for consultation. All those who attended the workshops will also have a copy of the document, so please send all comments to Carole Doherty for collation in Napo’s formal response We have also requested a copy of the job description questionnaire but have not yet had a response.


The employer unfortunately issued a communication earlier today to all programmes staff, to which Napo immediately objected as it did not accurately reflect the position of the trade unions. Management have subsequently apologised for this error and have now reissued the communication. To be clear, all three trade unions do not agree with the proposed removal of the DSOUs teams (and not just the future direction of programmes to men convicted of sexual offences). Management also identify their intention to operate with just one facilitator job description. This is of course a disappointing result, though we are still arguing the case that more training is needed to equip facilitators with the skill and training needed to work with people convicted of domestic and sexual abuse and learning disabilities and with neuro diversity, and that people should be properly rewarded for it.

Since the last JES workshop we have had 3 all day meetings with the employer which sadly, hasn’t yielded much movement, though it is good to report that the training team has made some adjustments in relation to their proposed training package for new employees, though we are still questioning the robustness of it. The material for the job descriptions has been collated and is with the trade unions for comment, and there is due to be a further joint workshop later this month to discuss the job description questionnaire, prior to it going to the JES panel and we would hope it would be evaluated at Band 4.

Could we ask if anyone has an electronic copy of the previous community programme ‘The Thames Valley Groupwork Programme’ (management manual) and any job descriptions where it describes the role of the facilitators delivering programmes for men convicted of sexual offences. Together with any documentation which highlights the consultancy and/or the training element of their roles,  could they send to Carole please

The Next Generation Programme will be discussed at a meeting later this month, and some workshops are being set up to discuss in more detail with facilitators, TMs and PMs . Due to the strong concerns raised by Napo and the other trade unions, communications have gone out clearly stating that the Next Gen programmes will be separated into offence types and with further separate groups for people with neurodiversity and others for those with intellectual disability.


We have been made aware of some issues in restricted accommodation in some PDU’s for our Unpaid Work Colleagues, please share details with Carole ( if this is happening to you. As you will be aware, there are ongoing issues with the pay and Unsocial Hours Payments and, as previously reported, all three unions have registered a National Dispute with the employer in relation to this.


It is really good to hear from members that the DASO away day was a really positive experience, and the confidence that the rewriting of the manual will be a truly collaborative exercise.

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