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Wellbeing is an important part of the Operation Protect Campaign

As we leave 2023 behind, we wanted to acknowledge how aware we are as joint leads for Napo on Health and Safety, of the working environment staff find themselves in at this time.

As we leave 2023 behind, we wanted to acknowledge how aware we are as joint leads for Napo on Health and Safety, of the working environment staff find themselves in at this time.

Our Officers and Officials are receiving many reports of how excessive workloads are impacting on our members and manager member’s health. This, along with staff shortages, lack of resources and 100+ % caseloads are taking their toll. Despite the efforts to recruit new staff (which Napo fully supports), members tell us that morale is at an all-time low. Staff sickness figures as a national average, show little real sign of improvement and departure from the service is still alarmingly high.

What can you do?

No matter what your grade, whether you are a receptionist or a manager, you are all in this together. As a member of Napo, you are able to seek assistance if you are experiencing the following issues

  • Feeling bullied within the workplace
  • Being subjected to racism, cultural prejudices, faith prejudices, ageism, disability discrimination, gender discrimination, sexism, or any other forms of toxic or unacceptable behaviours
  • Being expected to do work that takes you over your contracted hours – (without so much as the offer of overtime payments). By using the contact details below in confidence, you can help us monitor the number of extra hours staff and managers are doing each week in order to try and cope with your workload.
  • Being in receipt of a warning letter on your return from sickness absence or having to issue these against your better judgement .
  • Not being heard when you state that you cannot (or your staff cannot) take on more work, and how management respond to this
  • Feeling overwhelmed and traumatised
  • Having had to seek medical intervention to help you manage work-related stress / depression
  • Anyone who feels they are working within a hostile office environment
  • Current concerns that you may have over potential SFOs and high/unmanageable caseloads.

Our aim is, and always has been, to consider feedback from members as to how we can better support them in a practical manner.

As noted above, we’re aware that members, of all grades, are working in excess of their contracted hours due to excessive workloads. We would advise all members to ensure that this is recorded and that you request that your manager advises you on the priorities of your work, please ensure that this conversation is clearly recorded. We would advise our manager members to also ensure that they inform their manager when they are aware that  staff are working excess hours.

Health and safety within the workplace is of the utmost importance so that staff can protect themselves and their well-being. we recognise that public protection becomes less and less possible when staff are struggling in unmanageable circumstances. The purpose of asking people to come forward, and speak to us confidentially, is so that we can try to address the impact that current workloads are having on staff and managers, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

By helping to contribute to the wider picture, we can consider how best we can support people in this difficult time. We are also aware that each area may have its own unique issues, while all areas will have some shared concerns and difficulties. The issue of Workloads should also appear on Regional JCC agendas so that regular dialogue is maintained with management.

To contact Napo you can email or call us on the Central Napo contact details below, or to find out your local Napo branch representatives for your area.

Phone: 020 7223 4887


To join Napo please email the address below:


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  1. 6 months ago my workload was %120 plusThis was having a direct impact on my emotional well-being.. I advised my manager that my gp had increased my anti anxiety medication, and one of my medications I only take on workdays due to the impact of stress and anxiety at work. I’m now on %145 plus and having to work unpaid additional hours each week for the past few months to try to cover. There is no clear indication from the higher management team of what I should prioritise/ miss. And any late deadlines make me feel like this is my fault

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